Pinellas/Free State Projects 6 Year Status

Approximate as of January 2011, the two projects serve comparable populations of about 1.3 Million. Pinellas is in year 7 after a 3 year preliminary, FSP in year 10.

Update Feb, 2012: 100th Free Stater official @


The two projects have contrasting emphases and are doing well given goals. Both were endorsed by David Nolan, who was also founding co-host of Pinellas.

  • Pinellas (includes Pasco county) builds support in-place, trains for strong Libs collaborating with interested groups, seeking to build cultural broad base with set numeric goals, best practices. Focus more social and cultural.
  • New Hampshire imports supporters, is confontational and avowedly less Libertarian-focused seeking to develop general interest; informal goals, more ad hoc. Focus more political.


  • Pinellas, Florida: Thanks to Libs state has low sales, homestead real estate taxes and no income taxes. Direct initiative, high use of appointive advisory boards (NH has more elected officials than all of Florida). State designed community/neighborhood and school local council friendly. Pinellas has 26 jurisdictions and many advisory boards. Gun, home school laws good.
  • New Hampshire: Thanks to Libs no income, sales taxes; high participation through large legislature. Libs are building on strong sympathy for citizen participation. Gun, home school laws good.


  • Pinellas, Florida: Start by networking the 5,000 most HI-IQ adults and community leaders in county with intro to Lib tools, eventual 30K households networked. Transpartisan, political no-fire zone.  Lib/SMILE interested collaborative social community around strict Libertarian voluntarists developed locally./Structured plan based on best practice, numeric goals.Not meeting heavy, works through collaborative transpartisan branstorms, citizen summits; phone round-robins help keep out right-wing troublemakers./Many wins from stopping park tax ‘fees’ to election transparency to enabling ‘green’ pedi-buses.
  • New Hampshire: Eventual 20K people to move to NH already committed to some version of ‘Liberty’ ideas. ‘Liberty’oriented activists imported from outside New Hampshire./Planning teams are ad hoc beyond hope of importing 20K ‘liberty-lovers.’ meeting and convention heavy, and getting people into local office with informal goal of 10% of participants. /Growing local and state wins, though some seem more rightist in nature.


  • Pinellas, Florida: Co-operation ceased in 2009. A local PAC or web-trainer is contemplated, home book study, public office volunteer training group meets. Draws equally from independents, GOP, Democrats.
  • New Hampshire: General support. Separate Liberty Alliance PAC trains activists, legislative hopefuls of all parties but many are GOP.


  • Pinellas, Florida : 3000+
  • New Hampshire: 1000+ and 300 in NHLP when project began.


  • Pinellas, Florida: From 1 at start to 25/30 with large ‘Pinellas Libertarian Friends” contingents in county, local boards. Emphasis is on appointed offices.
  • New Hampshire:  From 34 at start (USLP connected public officals) to 15/10 verified; around 100 claimed but confidential, some 70 past PAC trainees in public office but not necessarily in Free State.


  • Pinellas, Florida : Focus is direct positive contact with info to every household. 100K items such as Advocates “Discover Liberty” tabloid under distribution; periodic quiz distribution to public officials/media/educators; periodic e-rminders to particpant websites and publics. Mentoring leaders for similar groups worldwide.//Weekly user-driven events. Sponsored monthly donor and periodic book-civic coffees, activist and other brunches, awards dinner every 2-3 years; aggressive e-mail-phone contact for projects. Working on re-starting new park/beach possibly annual outreach event.
  • New Hampshire:  Focus is general publicity. Variety of often confrontational or political theater user projects, radio show, etc. Informal mentoring.//Monthly or better user-driven events. Has annual conference, also well-attended park-based event, various user-driven training workshops, e-forums and informationals.

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